SPS Background Investigations and Investigators and Expert Witnesses


Designs in Modern Learning companies take personal privacy as a very serious matter.

Access to personal identifying information of concerning our clients, students, and/or the subjects of investigations or litigation is restricted to those individuals or organizations who can conclusively demonstrate a statutory or other legal right to such information. It is never used for any purpose other than for which it was originally obtained.

Remote Access:

Designs in Modern Learning maintains no electronic data bases or storage outside of company offices, and those systems do not support any electronic pathways from which to externally access (hack into) confidential information.

Where used, electronic applications for our training courses and services do not contain identifiable numbers of others (SSN, Driver License, or POST TINís), and outdated or expired data is routinely purged from internal electronic systems and/or shredded from hard-copy storage. We discourage individuals from transmitting that information to us through the internet.

Subjects of Investigation/Litigation:

The personal identifying information concerning the subjects of investigation and/or litigation is similarly protected. Confidential information is never resold or furnished to any third party who does not have a legal right to obtain such information, and then only in response to the order of a competent court or statutory privilege.

Unauthorized Release/Use of Confidential Personal Information:

The unauthorized release or use of confidential personal information contained in company records is an offense for which immediate termination is the only outcome. Designs in Modern Learning will then fully cooperate with the appropriate authorities in any subsequent criminal investigations regarding the misuse of such information.

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